Designed a steel cord belt conveyor (3200 ton/hr crushed iron ore, W=1200mm, L=51m) for developing the Chadormalu Iron Ore plant.

GOLEGOHAR Co. iron ore
Basic and detail design two unites of Samson feeder (1500 ton/hr) and three unites of Belt feeder (500 ton/hr) for GOLEGOHAR Co. iron ore project.

HORMOZGAN steel complex
 Design of over 80 direct, 2-way and 3-way chutes, hoppers, screen house in HORMOZGAN steel complex project.

Khatoon Abad copper smelter
Detecting some major flaws in design and fabrication of Khatoon Abad copper smelter, the client set a modification project. All the activities done by our company in different disciplines includes: mechanic, process, civil and structure, electrical and instruments. Providing reports of modification and design of new machinery for raw material stockyard , warehouse of product, process buildings, furnaces, packing of arsenic under de-dusting system, pneumatic conveyors, dust collector system, belt conveyors, bucket elevators and etc; which were all handed to the client in 6 months.

Al Fruqlus oil Refinery
OSBL Infrastructure Study – Al Fruqlus Refinery (Syria), designing a Tartus harbor for pet-cock and sulfur exporting facilities including train and truck loading and un-loading systems, also study on rail and road traffic control.

BAFT and SHADEGAN steel complex
Detail design of all material handling facilities including civil and structural work in BAFT and SHADEGAN steel complex project (annual capacity of DRI production is 800 thousand tons). There are fifteen belt conveyors (more than 3500m) with about 300ton/hr capacity, day bins, feeders, de-dusting system, stacker and reclaimers and all other required machines.

Persian gulf metal & industrial special economic zone
Primary study and basic design of a new harbor construction in Persian gulf metal and industrial special economic zone in Bandarabbas which may enable the facilities to recapacitate from 3000 to 5000 ton/hr.(new jetty, ship loader system, about 10 km of required belt conveyors, pipe conveyor, de-dusting report, wagon loading and unloading facilities and etc.). The existing facilities made by Krupp Company.

HORMOZ oil refinery
Basic and detail design of all material handling facilities including process, civil, structural, power and instrumentation, HSE and piping work in HORMOZ refinery project , stacking and reclaiming storage area for pet-cock and sulfur materials. There are 18 belt conveyors (more than 2300m) with about 800ton/hr capacity, five lines of stacker and reclaimer, two numbers of day bins in sulfur area, feeders, de-dusting system and all other required machines. The main engineering contractor is DEXTRON group.

Khorasan Urea Petrochemical
Primary study and preparing a dust control report of all material handling facilities including screen house in Khorasan Urea Petrochemical; to upgrade the Prilled Urea handling system by providing appropriate engineering solution to control urea dust generation and enhance the quality of the Prilled Urea.

Yazd Rolling Mill
Basic and detail design, procurement service, local supply manufacturing, installation and commissioning in direct and continues feed of DRI, Lime, FeSi and FeMn  materials to electrical arc furnace project. This plant has two units of 5000 ton storage bins, screen house, ten units of day bins with 100 ton capacity, tripper car, swiveling feeder, side wall belt conveyors with 200 ton/hr capacity, automatic dosing system and all other required facilities.

Sungun Copper Concentrator expansion project
PPM is an EPC contractor in designing, fabrication and installation of fourteen units of flotation tanks for Sungun Copper Concentrator expansion project phase two.






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